Dolphin’s Pearl Slot play online for free

Dolphin’s Pearl Slot play online for free

The Dolphin’s Pearl slot game comes from Novomatic and it is one of the popular Gaminator games with a sea theme. It came out many years ago, but Novomatic only recently brought this game as part of the way Dolphin games online. Players will be able to find 2 versions of this slot as part of Dolphin games for free: the original one and the Deluxe version, which has a few additions.

Some of the special bonus features in the game are the Free spins, which have a 3x multiplier and wild multiplier. These Dolphin slots are not for everyone. Just like other Novomatic slots – like the Book of Ra and Indian Spirit – available online, Dolphin’s Pearl is a volatile game. The presence of multipliers makes it even more unpredictable than the previous options from the publisher. It is difficult to achieve some serious victories in normal play.

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One of the special features of these Dolphin games – the free spins – are not frequent and it makes it even more difficult. Yet, the lucky ones will not only be able to get the free spins, but retrigger them as well. In such an instance, it is possible to walk away from the game with extremely good winnings.

Symbols and Layouts of Dolphin’s Pearl

Dolphin’s Pearl slot game has 5 reels on 9 paylines. Some of the wild symbols on this game include the Dolphin and oyster. Once a player manages to achieve these symbols, there lies a huge possibility to double the winnings. However, this occurrence takes place only when there is no scatter symbol involved in this combination. The scatter symbol in the free Dolphin games is the pearl. Getting this symbol is the occurrence that brings about the free spins.

Best Bonus Feature on Dolphin’s Pearl – Free Spins

Free spin is the feature that brings about the real money on Dolphin’s Pearl. This bonus feature is brought about by at least three or more occurrences of Pearl symbols across the paylines. Players will receive a whopping 15 free spins along with a 3x multiplier on the winnings. If one feels really lucky, it is possible that these free spins can occur once again when the same combination returns. It may not be something that takes place quite often, but it will be hugely rewarding for the player. Players can also choose to auto play during the free spin mode.

The big secret behind a successful spin when playing Dolphin’s Pearl is to use all the three bonuses to their full potential. The trick is to use them at the right time to maximize their effectiveness.

  • Players Comments
  • DonnellMielke
    15 June 2017 09:19
    Don’t forget that this is the slot with bonus game, which serves to multiply your winnings. Just press one of the Bet buttons when you won the spin round and wish your winnings were higher.
  • BrunoLafond
    11 May 2017 13:34
    A tip to the Dolphin’s Pearl player – the assumption, and as my personal experience also shows – is that the chance to get three scatter symbols and win the free bonus rounds rises over time. The more spins you play, the higher the likelihood that you will win those free spins and get a chance to triple your prizes.
  • Raphael Laws
    Raphael Laws
    12 April 2017 17:43
    Dive into ocean for pearls and meet the inhabitants of the ocean bottom. You will see crabs, sea-horses, skates, fishes as the game symbols. And of course you will meet the friendly dolphins! They will play around you and help you in need. The whole Dolphin’s Pearl is made corresponding to the ocean theme. Symbols are drawn and animated very well!
  • MoisesThurston
    28 March 2017 14:47
    A slot with an ocean or aquatic theme is always popular, as the chance to escape for a bit of sea air is almost irresistible. Dolphin’s Pearl is no exception, offering us the chance to enjoy some sanctity by the ocean, or even right at the bottom of it.
  • Destiny Lentz
    Destiny Lentz
    14 March 2017 17:13
    Dolphin’s Pearl doesn’t offer any kind of bonus feature so it’s a good job there’s some extras on the reels to help improve your chances. Despite being a sea-dwelling creature, dolphins are renowned for their friendliness to humans and that once again proves to be the case with this game.
  • Escobedo
    16 February 2017 06:31
    If you have ever been interested in underwater world you’ll be excited to play the free Dolphin’s Pearl slot. This gaminator will take you on tour to the water depth where you’ll meet gorgeous sea creatures. The dolphin is guarding his secret treasure, the pearl, and you’re offered to test your luck. If you turn out to be lucky enough, the pearl’s guardian will be generous to you and award you the biggest prizes!
  • Earle
    07 February 2017 15:17
    Dolphin’s Pearl is a fairly popular slot and I have had the pleasure of playing it when visiting Aspers Casino in the Olympic Park in London. Now available to play at several online casinos, it has developed something of a cult following with players at online casinos.
  • Marcelino Stearns
    Marcelino Stearns
    18 January 2017 08:16
    It’s very comfortable to play for free on the Dolphins Pearl slot machine thanks to its tranquil blue graphic design.
  • Lorenzo Kaya
    Lorenzo Kaya
    06 January 2017 04:21
    A tip to the Dolphin’s Pearl player –the chance to get three scatter symbols and win the free bonus rounds rises over time. The more spins you play, the higher the likelihood that you will win those free spins and get a chance to triple your prizes.
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